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javier ramirez Founder at Teowaki, web developer

Been doing it since 2004. Until 2011 I was mostly remote with 1 day a week commuting. Since 2011 I'm fully remote. I'm dreading the day that changes
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Jason Fried Founder & CEO at Basecamp, author

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David Heinemeier Hansson Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp, best-selling author


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In general I would rather work in a quiet office near my colleagues. There is a clear separation between work and non-work. Communication is faster and easier, less prone to misunderstandings. This however means something like an actual office or a quiet spacious cubicle with high sound absorbent walls. In his book Deep Work, Cal Newport argues in favor of a "hub and spoke" office layout where knowledge workers can work in quiet in offices on the spokes, but meet and collaborate at hubs
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Michelle Peluso CMO at IBM

The only recipe I know for success: great people, the right tools, a mission, analysis of results, and really creative and inspiring locations.
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IBM American multinational technology and consulting corporation

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