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Paul Graham

co-founder at Y Combinator

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Álvaro Ortiz

Cofounder of Mumumio and Actuable (acquired by Investor at SinDelantal, Startupxp

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Miguel Angel Ivars

Founder & CEO at @AdLemons, influence marketing platform.

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Lucas Cervera

Co-founder of nVotes and Iniciador. Business design professor, advisor & speaker.

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Christopher Moisan

CEO @AiT - Swim + Health/Fit Tech. Ex-Taptu, Napster, Mind Candy, Guardian.

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Sukhraj Grewal

Internet Marketer

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Anu Chandra

Founder @Ryelore, London Business School MBA, Edinburgh CS

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Daniel Morgan

Founder of Active in Time.

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Who disagrees (31% of 13 opinions):

Open uri20170328 4 z81vgn?1490730539

Farhan Lalji

Canadian sportscaster

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Open uri20160123 3 1gdb4on?1453578041

Elena Benito Ruiz

Head of Digital + SEO @ Antiaging Group Barcelona & Instituto del Pelo Vila-Rovira. Startup me

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Open uri20160421 3 whcexo?1461248079

Nick Jordan

CEO Trade Horizons. Executive MBA from London Business School. Qualified Private Banker.

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Sauro Mostarda

Head of Business Development & Operations at Solar Ventures and CEO @ Behind Energy. MBA @Lond

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