About AgreeList

AgreeList project traces back to a random encounter of the two founders Hector and Emilie... thanks to Airbnb! Hector was renting a room in Emilie's flatshare in London, and they quickly discovered that they were both passionated by the empowerment technology endows to individuals in changing the world.


Idealist enough to believe they could have a meaningful impact, they also realized that they had very complementary skills to embark together in a new venture. Hector, a software engineer by profession, had already founded a startup and was involved in participatory democracy initiatives. Emilie, a former investment banker, had recently reconnected with her political sciences academic background with a second graduate degree in social sciences.

After endless debates on how to improve the quality of public debate as well as the accountability of opinion leaders, the AgreeList project was born with an ambitious mission: increase the quality of decision making

AgreeList wants to improve decision making by developing a tool which:

If you like the project and want to get involved, please send us an email: feedback@agreelist.com

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